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La Reiz

Born on the East Side of Buffalo, NY, I had to find and develop ways to circumvent the lack of resources and surplus of violence that engulfed my community. This search for a void was not always the right choice, but music and the thirst for knowledge played a key part in offsetting worldly things.  Eventually, I began immersing myself in my studies as a man and my craft as an artist. This journey created the artist you are getting to know named LA-REIZ.


The Inspiration

Considering that I grew up amongst a wide range of expressive individuals I indirectly became a student of life. These studies allowed me to create my own ‘From me to you” feel.

Listening to Gospel, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Spoken Word was a blessing in disguise. These various sounds merging with messages made me want to do more with my artistry and add to this thing of ours. Fashion also plays a key part in my artistic expression per merch, and clothing lines. The right outfit while displaying your craft can me your message reach even further than imagined.